A Complete Design & Photography Studio


Rob Malgieri
Malgieri Graphics design concept is simple: consolidate all of your design needs into one place. This benefits you in many ways. By starting with your logo and identity package, I can guarantee a continuity of design through to your brochures, catalogs, and even your web site. It also means that each new project gets off the ground quicker and is completed faster because all original company identity files are available for use.

Another benefit is the housing of all of your files in one place. Many of my clients who have had work done at multiple design houses do not have their original files. Logos are very often supplied to me by new clients in JPEG format, which is not practical for print work, let alone enlargement. The previous designer usually failed to supply them with the final design work original files. The result is that you have to pay to have the work done again. In my design studio, all of your files are always supplied to you in original format, as well as a viewing format like JPEG, so that you can move to another studio at any time, for any reason. No design hostages. You should not have to stay with a designer just because it would necessitate not only the hassle of finding another designer, but would also mean the additional cost of redoing the original work.

And finally, doing business with Malgieri Graphics means that your company will benefit from my thirty years of experience in business. Not just in the area of design, but accounting, finance, management, promotions and sales. You would have to go to a very large and expensive design house to get this kind of diversity and experience.

Malgieri Graphics can offer you a cohesive and comprehensive design experience with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that I will be here for you when your design needs demand it, including the urgent ones.